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Nerdy Connections Nelaux 3D Printing 2

How to Design for 3D Printing Meetup

3D Printing has already started transforming industries by bringing incredible new abilities to consumers and businesses once reserved for sci-fi movies. But as this new technology becomes more accessible, it still remains an enigma to designers hoping to create real, tangible objects outside of computer screens.

Our friends at New Matter are developing a 3D printer for the masses, with a price point that will allow everyday people to create amazing objects of any shape. But the question remains, how do you even start designing something you can hold in your hand?

So, if you want to learn about designing for 3D printing but don’t know where to start, this is the event for you. Join us Thursday, August 21st, 2012 as Joseph Chiu from ToyBuilder Labs demystifies 3D printing. He’ll give a high level explanation of the 3D printing process, walk through some concepts to consider when designing something for a printer, and go over some current software and object libraries that will help get you started in this rapidly-growing space. Sponsored by New Matter and Vitamin T, we’ll be hosting it at Pasadena tech institution Idealab. There will be prototypes of the New Matter MOD-t printer running, as well as examples of 3D prints. And, of course, there will be refreshments and some time to mingle with other designers excited about the possibilities brought by 3D printing.nerdy-connections-nelaux-3D-printing-1

About Joseph Chiu and ToyBuilder Labs:

Joseph is a product engineer who loves to makes things and excels at imagining new uses for just about anything. His work has touched a wide range of electronics products, from consumer broadband to portable medical devices, and digital 3D cinema. In 2010, as 3D printer prices dipped below the $2,000 mark, Joseph asked his wife Taj if it would be okay to bring a 3D printer into the home. Once she said yes, their kitchen counter was covered in all things 3D printing for weeks and weeks.

ToyBuilder Labs provides products and services to help new product ideas come to life. Our online store sells high-quality 3D printing filament at ToyBuilder Labs.

Copy from the NELAUX Meetup page:

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